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Bahamas and Barbados Bank Account

Coat of arms Bahamas and Barbados Bank Account

Transperency - Best Services

  • NO Taxes for foreigners !
  • 24/7 Internet banking and payments
  • Offshore Custody and Administration
  • Secure email communication
  • Send -/receive funds by international wire
  • IBAN and SWIFT -/BIC payments
  • NO personal visit to Bahamas and Barbados required
  • Cash Management (major currencies)
  • Approval guaranteed!

With no direct taxation, The Bahamas and Barbados are a thriving offshore financial center. The Bahamas and Barbados offers a full range of financial services and products, including: asset management and protection; commercial banking, company formation, investment management; fund administration; private banking; maritime registry & support services.

Account opening by mail
  Quick and easy ! Save time and money

The bank account can be opened by mail or correspondence.

About the bank
  Always the best choice !

Reliable and cooperative financial institution at the Bahamas and Barbados.

Account language
  You will be understood !


Our Guarantee
  No restrictions - Money back !

For any reasons the bank denies your account application, our firm will refund the service fee you have paid for. Just if you decide to cancel your account opening after you have ordered our service the refund will be excluded!


One Time fee only  199.90 €

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